The Wireless Ed Tech Conference

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Leveraging Mobile and Wireless to Transform Teaching and Learning

Wireless EdTech Conference 2013
Date: October 7- 9, 2013
Location: Fairmont Hotel, Chicago


Wireless EdTech is the premier conference to focus on major issues in research, practice and policy that must be resolved to realize the full potential of mobile broadband for learning.

Participation in this conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to discuss and debate the wireless challenges they face with device management, hardware, curriculum resources, assessment techniques, policy issues and Internet capabilities. Explore the impact and lessons learned from using wireless and mobile technologies in the classroom to enhance education, and discover the hardware behind this new mobile learning revolution. Learn how to implement the right wireless technologies at scale, create a deployment strategy, forecast the return on investment and strategically redirect resources into student equity.

Now is the time to transform education in a way that will truly prepare our students to compete in the global economy.

Mobile connectivity provides an opportunity to offer new ways of teaching and learning that ultimately improve academic performance and produce results—this opens up new markets for mobile operators across the world. The potential of wireless and mobile technology to enhance teaching and learning is at the forefront of technological advancements in education.

Mobile learning has many different definitions and is known by many different names, like mLearning, uLearning, personalized learning, learning while mobile, ubiquitous learning, anytime/anywhere learning, BYOT, 1:1, and handheld learning. No matter what you call it, mobile tools are here to stay. Equipping students and educators with 24/7 access to learning communities, curriculum materials and information is allowing them to be more productive and have resources for learning when and where they are needed. By fostering informal learning, engaging students, and enabling collaboration, the education environment can harness the power of these wireless tools to positively impact learning in the digital age.

Join an elite lineup of speakers from across the nation representing districts, campuses, industry and policy that will be sharing their expertise on wireless learning in a mobile society. As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to learn from presentations, engage in discussions, and add your own voice to the collective education experience of everyone involved. Collaborate across a diverse group of stakeholders, including leaders in business, nonprofits, startups, K-12, higher education, mobile developers and government agencies. Those interested in having an active role in the conversation can do so by contributing insights during the breakout sessions, participating in our polls and taking advantage of the networking times to meet new colleagues and share ideas – because learning from colleagues offers the best chance of success. Instructional technology topics at the Wireless EdTech Conference include presentations on how states, colleges and universities, and districts leverage mobile and wireless to transform teaching and learning.

We hope you can join us for a stimulating two days with leaders and distinguished guests who are on the forefront of technology and education at Wireless EdTech 2013!


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Keynote Speakers

Karen Cator

Karen Cator is President and CEO of Digital Promise. From 2009-2013, Karen was Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, where she led the development of the 2010 National Education Technology Plan and focused the Office’s efforts on teacher and leader support. Read more...

Robbie Melton

Robbie Melton

As TBR’s Associate Vice Chancellor of eLearning and Emerging Mobilization Technology, Melton’s innovative and ground-breaking work touches the daily lives of more than two hundred thousand students and educators served by Tennesee’s statewide education system. Read more...